Prima Donna – Bless This Mess

January 01, 1970

(Acetate Records)


Sounding like a band weaned on little more than the New York
Dolls and Cheap Trick, LA’s Prima Donna (why has no one snatched this band name
up before?) play glammed up power pop and punk rock that sounds like they’ve
just awaken from a 35-year coma. Try and name any other glam punk band
recording today that includes saxophone and tubular bells?


Bless This Mess, their sophomore effort, is a nice step forward from their impressive if a
little uneven 2008 debut. The band has certainly kept
busy during the four-year gap touring the globe several times including a high
profile world tour opening for Green Day (Singer/guitarist Kevin Preston also
plays guitar in the Green Day side project Foxboro Hot Tubs) .


Years on the road have worked out well for the band as they
sound much tighter on these newer songs than their first go round. “Feral
Children” comes off like the Stooges if they had discovered melody and
“Broken,” with its piano backing, is closer in vain to more modern pop punk
songs, but both manage to highlight the band at its best. The record loses a
little steam toward the end, tacking on a couple of the weaker tracks, but the
earlier songs more than make up for the flaws. What’s punk rock without some
scars, right?   


DOWNLOAD: “Sociopath,”
“Feral Children” and “Broken”  JOHN B.

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