Prefab Sprout – Let’s Change the World with Music

January 01, 1970



A concept album about music’s spiritual potency and its
transcendental aspirations is a worthy ideal but one that seems a wee Joseph
Campbell and date-stamped for the Nineties. Oddly enough that’s when Let’s Change the World with Music was
due out originally (after Prefab’s Jordan::
The Comeback
) and it sounds as much of its time, what with Paddy McAloon’s
– pop’s long forgotten sensitive soul – use of un-ironic studio frippery such
as Lyn Drums and tinny synths, to say nothing of his surprisingly literal


No doubt, with Let’s
there are sweet harmonies and powerfully emotive (and smartly
literate) lyrics worthy of McAloon’s watershed Steve McQueen. But the epic McQueen was McAloon’s Waterloo
and his Citizen Kane from which he
never recovered (or topped) and everything since has sounded quietly desperate
as if he’s chasing the devil with slicker stuff. Though ill, McAloon is capable
of beautiful dramas (I Trawl The
in 2003). Here’s hoping digging Change out from the rubble is akin to digging change out of the


Gospel Music,” “Ride” “Meet the New Mozart” A.D. AMOROSI


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