Posies – Blood/Candy

January 01, 1970





Posies fans view the band’s 1993 album Frosting On the Beater as a watershed moment. Their other albums are
only slightly less beloved because singer-songwriters Jon Auer and Ken Stringfellow
maintained consistently lofty quality levels-they just couldn’t surpass the total
brilliance of songs like “Dream All Day” and “Solar Sister.” With Blood/Candy, they’ve one-upped their
personal best. It’s a feast of sweet, coppery power-pop that’s at once familiarly
spacey and more down-to-earth. So how do you improve near-perfection?


For one, dare to be different. “Licenses to Hide” and “For
the Ashes,” are rather Beatles/Badfinger in scope; Auer’s and Stringfellow’s
trademark vocals are nearly unrecognizable. “Notion 99” adds a dash of garage
rock to the base, “Cleopatra Street” moves the galaxian sounds to the
background, and “Accidental Architecture” is a bizarrely appealing blend of
chamber pop, noise rock and ‘70s AM radio. Meanwhile, the radiant “Glitter Prize,”
is a virtual sister to “Solar.” B/C is
ultimately fresh and diverse with hallmarks intact, and undoubtedly the Posies’
finest work. 


DOWNLOAD: “Glitter
Prize,” “Cleopatra Street”


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