THE POPGUNS – Pop Fiction

Album: Pop Fiction

Artist: Popguns

Label: Matinee

Release Date: December 02, 2014

Popguns 12-2


This classic UK pop bands which began its career in 1989 it back with the first Popguns record in nearly 20 years (1996 was the last one. Glad to see this talented UK band back in action. I knew a bit about them back in the day, but as far a UK indie pop bands go these guys didn’t hit much on my radar back then and not really sure how much of a splash they made on their home turf back then (probably as much as any of those bands did, ask the Fat Tulips, The Flatmates or Heavenly if they were got famous and/or wealthy making music).

Anyway, the core of the band is main songwriter guitarist Simon Pickles (now there’s a rock n’ roll name for you) and his wife Wendy on vocals. The band isn’t reinventing the wheel here, just playing solid pop music with a minimum of b.s. and a maximum of hooks. They can zap out the crunchy pop hits like “Lovejunky” or opener “City Lights” or toss in a few ballads “Out of Sight” or “Still Waiting for Winter” (and let’s not forget the tunes with some cool guitar noodling, like “Something Going On.”

I do know this: the Matinee label seems to revive the careers of nearly-forgotten UK pop bands. Here’s another one to add to the list. The Popguns had/have plenty of talent and Pop Fiction proves it.

DOWNLOAD: “City Lights,” “Lovejunky,” “If You Ever Change Your Mind,” “Leaning on the Backline”

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