Polvo – In Prism

January 01, 1970





Polvo, you’ve been missed. The standout band of the school
of ‘90s-indie rock has returned, a reunion that should overshadow Slint,
Dinosaur, Sebadoh… hell, even the Pixies. A bold statement, perhaps, but one
given muscle by the quality of the band’s new album.


This is the Polvo you know and love-twisted passages of
guitar lines curling over one another, frantic drum breaks, raga-like
transitions, hypnotic noise jams. The better moments on the album, such as
opening track “Right the Relation” and “Beggars Bowl,” are ones that furiously
rock with agitated fervor. Power chords, discordant riffs, and bass thumps
start and stop at the drop of a dime. But the band is also in good form when
it’s subdued, as on the nine-minute closing track, “A Link in the Chain.”
Polvo’s voice remains one of the most unique in guitar-based indie rock. Though
you can hear its influence in countless bands making music today, no one does
it quite like the originators.


Standout Tracks: “Right
the Relation,” “Beggars Bowl” JONAH FLICKER


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