Plimsouls – Live at the Golden Bear 1983

January 01, 1970



With Live at the
Golden Bear 1983
, the Plimsouls catalog now contains as many live albums as
studio LPs. This entry takes place in the months prior to the release of the
L.A. quartet’s final (in its original incarnation) record Everywhere at Once, and includes material from that LP – “Oldest
Story in the World,” “How Long Will It Take?,” “Magic Touch,” the instrumental
“Hobo.” (EAO cuts “Shaky City” and “A
Million Miles Away” had been set staples since 1981.) Of course, the band’s
prior classics still stand tall, including “Now,” “In This Town” and, of
course, “Zero Hour.” The album also includes “Who’s Gonna Break the Ice?,” an
otherwise unrecorded, and quite excellent, new song.


The band also adds a passel of new covers to its repertoire,
hitting on the Creation (“Making Time”), the Everly Brothers (“Price of Love,”
sung by guests the Williams Brothers), the Flamin Groovies (“Jumpin’ in the
Night,” with Fleshtones guitarist Keith Streng) and Bo Diddley (“You Can’t
Judge a Book”). The group’s raucous version of Thee Midniters’ “Jump Jive and
Harmonize” remains as well. The presence of that many covers might cause one to
wonder about the band’s confidence in its own material, but give that singer
Peter Case digs into other people’s songs with the same eagerness as his own,
they might as well all be Plimsouls songs anyhow.


So the question is: what makes this live record a necessary
purchase, given the release of Live! Beg
Borrow & Steal
and One Night in America? No
real reason, except that it’s just
an ass-kicking performance. [Boy howdy to
that: speaking as one who saw the Plimsouls and interviewed them on this same
’83 tour, this was a band to be reckoned with. – Archival Ed.


Throughout, the band blazes away with all the fire and
fervor of a group of dudes who looooove their job, and with first-rate material
and an energy level nearly off the charts, Live
at the Golden Bear 1983
is as essential as any other item in the Plimsouls’


DOWNLOAD: “Jumpin’
in the Night,” “Who’s Gonna Break the Ice?,” “Now” MICHAEL TOLAND

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