Pipettes – Earth Vs. The Pipettes

January 01, 1970

Dot Sounds/Fortuna Pop)




three lovely ladies made a splash a few years back with the terrific ‘50s/’60s
pop influenced debut, We Are The Pipettes.
Well, fast forward a few years and out of the original three, Gwenno, Rose and
Becki only one, Gwenno (the blond) is still around. Gone are the polka dot
dresses and as for the ‘60s sound, well , it hasn’t entirely been abandoned but
has been cast to the side for a more dance pop (think St. Etienne).


changes and a change in sound could spell disaster for most bands. However, with
a batch of terrific songs and help from producer Martin Rushent (the Human League
dude), Earth Vs. The Pipettes turns
out to be a winner. They waste no time jumping in with the bouncy “Call Me”
(siren and all) and then leap into the snappy, funky “Ain’t No Talkin'”  – and then right into the dreamy bounce of “Thank You.”


want more? Fine, because the hits keep comin’: “I Need a Little Time” could be
dance floor hit in the U.K.
(assuming they are more on the ball than American music fans) as could the
super-catchy “History.” And those are just the first 5 songs. It doesn’t stop
there; the rest of the record is just as strong, with the band slowing down
momentarily to catch their breath on the slower “I Vibe U.” Admittedly, there
isn’t a ton of variation in these tunes, but who care about variation when
you’re having this much fun! The album was originally import only but was recently picked up for US distribution via Cargo/Red Eye Distribution.


DOWNLOAD: “I Need a Little Time,”

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