Pieta Brown – Mercury

January 01, 1970

(Red House)




If there’s one specific trait that separates Pieta Brown
from the competition it would have to be her ability to meld her influences in
such a way that no specific genre comes to the fore. Elements of folk, blues,
country and a cocktail croon are all immersed in the mix, but it’s inaccurate
to insist that any one style defines her sound. With half a dozen albums to her
credit thus far, Brown’s established a specific niche, one that echoes the
soothing caress of Emmylou Harris and the unerring authenticity of Kasey
Chambers, yet still retains a singular imprint all her own.


One obvious reason has to do with the fact that Brown
composes her own material, ensuring she’s free to go up against whatever
musical parameters she sees fit to challenge. The bit of twang that accompanies
“Be With You” nestles comfortably alongside the sweet caress of the title track
and the lithe ballads “I Don’t Mind” and “I’m Gone.” Likewise, the loping
pacing of “Glory to Glory” and “So Many Miles” bring a simpatico sound that
entrenches the emotions. As always, she gets some able backing – longtime
collaborator Bo Ramsey, guitarist Richard Bennett, bassist Glenn Worf and special
guest Mark Knopfler all contribute to the cause. On the whole however, credit
Brown’s seductive delivery with giving Mercury its irresistible allure.


With You,” “Glory to Glory,” “I’m Gone” LEE ZIMMERMAN

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