Photograph, by Ringo Starr

Title: Photograph

Author: Ringo Starr

Publisher: Genesis Publications

Publication Date: November 17, 2015


The Upshot: Guy from some band you may have heard of offers a personal photo album that’s rich in memory and sentiment.


Like many performers, Ringo Starr’s interests aren’t limited to music alone. Over the years, he’s dabbled in acting, painting and photography, and it’s the latter which forms the basis of this new coffee table book which collects some of the best photos the affable drummer has taken over the years.

Like his earlier book, Postcards from the Boys, which reproduced some of the many postcards sent to him from by his fellow Beatles from their various vacation destinations, this new offering is also an archival collection, one that captures key moments in Ringo’s life through photographs that were taken by him or by others who just happened to be around at the time. Most of the emphasis is on his early career — childhood shots, performance photos with Rory Storm, studio pictures capturing the seminal days of the Beatles, private moments at home and experimental efforts that test the limits of his camera’s lens. The sentiment is especially evident in those scenes shared with friends — Keith Moon, Harry Nilsson, Mark Bolan, and of course, George and John — but all the high quality work that’s included here helps give a sense of Ringo’s personality and the obvious joy he’s experienced throughout his life and career.

An expansion of an earlier limited edition volume published in 2013, Photograph is not only a superb keepsake, but an astute handbook on how to experience a life that’s well lived.

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