Photo Gallery: Alejandro Escovedo & Peter Buck 2/26/14, Cincinnati

Dates: February 26, 2014

Location: Taft Theater/The Ballroom, Cincinnati OH

Alejandro and Peter #2_sm

“A good night for a sonic rendezous….”


Live at Cincinnati’s Taft Theater/The Ballroom on Feb. 26: Alejandro Escoveo and Susan Voelz, plus opening act Peter Buck and his band. This was not the tour to reminence over “South Central Rain”; instead it was one to Dust the Broom and get The House Rockin. Amps rarely went below twelve and efx peddles set at “deep muddy.” Motive for this tour seemed simple: stomp the house, leave ’em smilin,’ and have a great time doin’ it.

Mission accomplished in Cincy.

Peter Buck Big Band set:

Kurt Bloch/Peter Buck

Kurt and Peter_sm

Scott McCaughey

Scott #1_sm

Peter Buck Big Band_sm

Bill Rieflin


Kevn Kinney

Kevin Kinney_sm

Kurt Bloch

Kurt Bloch_sm

Peter Buck

Peter Buck #4_sm

Peter Buck group #1_sm

Kurt and Peter #2_sm

Peter Buck #1_sm

Alejandro Escovedo & Friends

Alejandro #2_sm

Susan Voelz & Alejandro Escovedo

Susan Voelz and Alejandro_sm

Kurt Bloch & Susan Voelz

Kurt Bloch and Susan Voelz_sm

Alejandro #3_sm

Escovedo & Buck

Alejandro and Peter #1_sm

Susan Voelz

Susan Voelz_sm


Peter Buck_sm

Alejandro #1_sm

(the encores!)

encore big band_sm

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