Phonograph – OKNO

January 01, 1970



Phonograph jumped off to
an impressive start with their 2007 self-titled debut, a set of songs that blended
atmosphere and Americana
so adroitly, each of those additives was evident in equal measure.  Notably then, OKNO, their sophomore set, finds the band pursuing an even more adventurous tact than the one they took
initially.  Although they still take
their cue from the heartland, this time around, the pop is more plentiful.  Amping up the energy level, they kick off the
set with the buoyant “You/Me” and sprinkle in a number of equally infectious
offerings from that point on, from the effusive strains of “Less Than Expected”
and “Holy Rollers” to the rambling banjo-based clap-along of “Mountain Tops,”
the chipper steel guitar sway of “American Music” and the quaint ukulele
serenade of — what else? – “Uke.” 


Make no mistake – the
group still seems tempted to dally with psychedelic cacophony, and even their
most melodic moments frequently run head-on into some discordant
dissolves.  Happily though, those
intrusions don’t allay the inviting approach OKNO conveys overall.  The
fact is, this is one of the most satisfying albums an all-too unknown band has
delivered this year, and it bodes increasingly well for their future endeavors.
May Phonograph continue to spin such riches


Standout tracks: “Mountain Tops,” “You/Me,” Holy Rollers” LEE


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