Phoenix – Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

January 01, 1970



These fancy French art-pop guys, on soft objets (they hardly feel like albums, they’ve been so prissy even
when at their most forceful) such as 2006’s It’s
Never Been Like That,
channeled the cinematic spirit of Sofia Coppola (she
happens to be dry-ice singer Thomas Mars’ gal) and the swooshing synthetic
cloud of Air. That was nice.


Yet, in dedication to all flighty freaky notions Wolfgang-ly and
steamy, the band rock it Amadeus-style on the disco tip with some fascinatingly
intense (yet completely humorless) results. Fast and more Scissor Sistersy than usual (more sterile too), snap crackling moments like
“1901” rise like a title wave, breakdown like eighteen previous nervous
interludes and reach a dance-anthem climax better than when you chase cocaine
with Ecstasy. Wolfgang Amadeus
is a little cooler, more po-faced and
shinier than most other Phoenix
projects previous. But at least, its slipped disc qualifications keep you
moving long enough to stop you from noticing. Bon appétit!


Standout Tracks:  “Love Like a Sunset,
Pt. 1″ and Pt. 2”, “Rome”,
“Lisztomania” A.D. AMOROSI


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