Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross –

January 01, 1970

(Easy Action)


Phil Shoenfelt’s history stretches back to the early ‘80s
and the postpunk act Khmer Rouge. But the British-born/Prague-based
singer/songwriter/guitarist has a steady flow of releases with both Southern
Cross and the band Fatal
Shore that only the
geekiest of rock cognoscenti seem to know about. A shame, that, if is any indication.


Much like his late friend Nikki Sudden (with whom he
recorded the excellent Golden Vanity in 1998), Shoenfelt works in a straightforward, guitar-based rock ‘n’ roll
vein, crooning his poetic lyrics over basic riffs and unfussy rhythms. Boasting
both a creamy baritone and a sense of melancholy that’s almost gothic,
Shoenfelt is less exuberant than his old compadre, given more to brooding folk
rock like “Forgiven” or weary confessions like “Tired of Loving You.” But he’s
no defeatist, injecting a strain of sardonic humor into the bitchy “Stupid Rock
Star” and the obsessive title track. Like Sudden, Shoenfelt is something of an
iconoclast, with no obvious place in the current modern rock landscape. But
that makes an album like all the more interesting and worth hearing.  


DOWNLOAD: “Forgiven,”
“,” “Tired of Loving You” MICHAEL TOLAND

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