Phantogram – Eyelid Movies

January 01, 1970



This debut
release, Eyelid Movies, is the
creative work of Josh Carter and Sarah Barthel. This electro-rock, dance-hop
duo lays down some mellow beats that will get you moving in your seat. Together
they have weaved a fun and appealing album that balances several genres with
the most prominent influence being hip-hop. Who knew that such progressive
sounds would filter out of the Adirondacks?


However, as fun
and upbeat this album is, a methodology becomes apparent. A kick ass, reverbed
beat + sudden fortissimo + laid back vocals = all of the hip songs on the
album. Yet the equation works as Carter and Barthel share vocal duties
throughout Movies, adding another
layer of variety on an album that could become monotonous. “Running From The
Cops” is the perfect example of how they manipulate vocals to amp up a track. Carter’s
warbly, synthesized vocals floats over a hauntingly catchy, dark, brooding
sound effect. A fine, promising start for the young band, Eyelid Movies, gives us a peek into the blossoming talent that is


Standout Tracks: “When I’m Small,” “Running From The Cops”


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