PETER HIMMELMAN – The Boat That Carries Us

Album: The Boat That Carries us

Artist: Peter Himmelman

Label: self-released

Release Date: July 15, 2014

Peter Himmelman 7-15


Despite his critical acclaim, consistently high ranking in the singer/songwriter sweepstakes, recent outreach as a motivational entrepreneur, and firmly established credentials in the burgeoning world of children’s music, Peter Himmelman has yet to garner the wider recognition that chart triumph and hobnobbing on television talk shows have helped elevate others of far lesser talent. It’s not for lack of trying however; Himmelman’s songs tend to be frank, funny, topical and, on occasion, even tumultuous, each underscored by a keen melodic savvy and an astute lyrical sensibility that raises the bar on everyday pop proficiency.

Coming on the heels of the dark and cryptically titled Are You Out There, which he issued under the moniker Minnesota, it’s a relief to find Himmelman bouncing back with some of the most infectious and engaging music of his career, songs that recall the quiet assurance of earlier efforts like “Shilo” and his sweeping signature anthem “Woman With The Strength of 10,000 Men.” Himmelman’s voice sounds as if it’s stirred with molasses, a wizened, folksy instrument that serves up a series of wry commentaries, be it the vibrant image-laden travelogue “Green Mexican Dreams,” the cynical self-recrimination “For Wednesday at 7PM (I Apologize)” or the plaintive plea that underscores “Mercy on the Desolate Road.”

More grit than grimace, The Boat That Carries Us is stark, seductive and consistently compelling.

DOWNLOAD: “Green Mexican Dreams,” “For Wednesday at 7PM (I Apologize),” “Mercy on the Desolate Road.”


Peter Himmelman penned one of BLURT’s most popular “The Most Fucked Up Thing I’ve Ever Seen” essays ever—go HERE to read it. Then go HERE to read Lee Zimmerman’s interview with the musician from last year.

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