Peter, Bjorn and John – Living Thing

January 01, 1970

(Almost Gold/StarTime International)

How does an indie rock band follow up breakout success based largely upon a hit
single that is covered a million times and admired by Kanye West? Peter, Bjorn
and John thought the proper method would be by creating an equally catchy album
that branches out in interesting new directions. For example, the minimal
electronics of the opening track, “The Feeling,” give way to the Graceland-style bass of the title track
and the Justice-mimicking children’s choir of “Nothing to Worry About.”


But the simple pop structure and undeniably infectious vocal
hooks and thumping bass lines that made Writer’s
so likeable are still present on Living
“It Don’t Move Me” and “I’m Losing My Mind” both prove there’s still
a lot of mileage in the band’s simple methodology. And if “Lay It Down” throws
you for a loop with its sweetly sung refrain (“Shut the fuck up, boy, you are
starting to piss me off”), you’re probably thinking about it too much.



Standout Tracks: “The
Feeling,” “Lay It Down” JONAH FLICKER


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