PEGGY SUE – Choir of Echoes

Album: Choir of Echoes

Artist: Peggy Sue

Label: Yep Roc

Release Date: January 28, 2014

Peggy Sue 1-21


 Continuing the sharp left turn begun on their last album, the one they aptly entitled Acrobats, Peggy Sue opt to go in an even more daring direction, pumping up the pacing and turning every song into a propulsive, percolating outpour. All traces of the darker designs and freak folk purveyed early on is gone now, and in its place a more confident and cocksure band has emerged — one that’s looser, more effusive and readily able to shift their stance as the material allows.. Opening track “(Come Back Around)” sets the standard, its cathedral-like chorale giving the album title its due.

 Yet after that prelude of sorts, Peggy Sue quickly shifts into high gear, accelerating the rhythms on “Esme,” “Substitute,” “Figure of Eight” and “Always Going,” while leaving the listener little time to catch his breath. Nevertheless, the highpoint of the set is reached with “Just the Night,” thanks to its carefully interwoven melody lines and unexpected jangle. With the exception of the ever-insistent “Idle,” things seem to get much looser from that point forward, as if the band expended all its energy early on and now hope to coast towards the finish line. An admirable effort in terms of daring and experimentation, Choir of Echoes reverberates ever emphatically.

 DOWNLOAD: “Just the Night,” “Substitute,” “Figure of Eight”

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