Pegboy 3/30/19, Denver

Dates: March 30, 2019

Location: Marquis Theatre, Denver CO

Live at the Marquis Theatre! (Above photo from the band’s Facebook page.)


A little more than two years after their last Denver visit (on 2/17/17 at the Don’t Panic Festival over at 3 Kings on South Broadway…it had been 17 years before that) and I have to say, I think Pegboy really like Denver.  They seem to get a real warm welcome here and, well…they’re welcome back anytime.

Back this time doing a spate of gigs with Wyoming pop punks Teenage Bottlerocket who are a fine combo, but I was here for the gentlemen from Chicago and they did not disappoint.

Missed the first few songs (unfortunately) but as we walked in the place was packed (sold out, actually) and most of the crowd were jammed to the front, fists pumping singing along to every word as on occasion vocalist Larry Damore  (who looks like he could be a retired NFL linebacker) handed the mic to a fan to belt out the words. Behind him are legendary guitarist John Haggerty (ex-Naked Raygun), nimble bassist “Skinny” Mike Thompson and on the skins is Haggerty’s brother Joe (who was in a very fine combo called Bloodsport exactly 50 years ago).

The band is serious about their music but come to have a good time to with Damore charging across the stage like he’s ready to tackle someone while belting out his great, raspy howl (he also mentioned a few times how the elevation was getting to him), Thomson is bouncing all over the place and Haggerty (John, that is) is stock still grinding out classic guitar riffage and brother Joe hammering out rapid-fire fills.

They haven’t written any new music in ages (we can hope, right?) but played a fresh batch of classic oldies like “My Youth (off their first EP, Three Chord Monte), “Dangermare,” “Strong Reaction,” “Hardlight” and a tough, thick cover of the Mission of Burma chestnut “That’s When I Reach for My Revolver.”

Since they were opening they did not encore (and a lot of times they don’t anyway) and received some heavy applause by the appreciative Denver crowd.

As I said earlier, you’re welcome back anytime fellas.

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