PAUL CARRACK – Soul Shadows

Album: Soul Shadows

Artist: Paul Carrack

Label: Carrack-uk

Release Date: February 12, 2016

Carrack 2-26

The Upshot: Mostly original songs that reflects the UK rocker’s love for authentic American soul music, from Motown to Stax to all areas in between.


A journeyman rocker by any other name wouldn’t boast a track record half as successfully as Paul Carrack. From his early days with Ace (and its hit single “How Long”) through to a successful solo career and successive sojourns with Squeeze and Eric Clapton’s band, Carrack’s fascination with rootsy R&B has become an inherent ingredient in his signature sound.

Not surprisingly then, Soul Shadows ranks as his most emphatic effort to date, a collection of mostly original songs that reflects his love for authentic American soul music, from Motown to Stax to all areas in between. While it’s not uncommon for white musicians to show a similar devotion to the form, Carrack does so with such convincing devotion, those unknowing would be hard pressed to differentiate between his own compositions and the sounds he emulates circa 30, 40 or even 50 years removed. Carrack continuously gets his groove on, and on standout selections such as “Keep On Lovin’ You,” “Sleep On It” and “Too Good To Be True,” he sings with the kind of conviction that would make Al Green, Otis Redding and Wilson Pickett nod their heads with approval. On the other hand, his ability to caress a tender ballad turns slower songs like “Watching Over Me” and “Share Your Love With Me” into timeless gems of infinite appeal. Carrack’s one class act, and Soul Shadows ought to keep him centered squarely in the spotlight.

DOWNLOAD: “Watching Over Me,” “Keep On Lovin’ You,” “Share Your Love With Me”




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