Paul Brill – Breezy

January 01, 1970

(Scarlet Shame)


Though it’s been
five years since Paul Brill’s last record, 2006’s Harpooner (which was his only record not on his own Scarlet Shame
label), the songwriter has not been sitting on the couch eating bon bons. In
the interim the guy has scored dozens of films and television shows and
collaborated with U2 and Martha Wainwright, among others. The title of this
record is appropriate as Brill ditches the layered sound of Harpooner for a more, well, breezy pop


But with
“breezy” don’t think boring dreck like Jason Mraz or Jack Johnson; the record
is a pretty eclectic bunch of songs that, for the most part, take chances and
don’t go for the obvious.  The opening
track “Sunny Guy” kicks things off in fine, upbeat fashion and is a real
finger-snapper (and 2nd version is added near the end of the record)
while the title track brings it down and goes straight for the heart. (sounds a
bit Wilco-ish too, as do a few numbers on here). “The Royal Oui” kicks its
boots up and busts open the barroom door open and while , at times, the records
gets either a bit too wanky (“Debussy Roses”, “How High the Fishes”, the latter
being a bit too Santana-ish) the beautiful duet, “One Channel Show” makes up
for it.


Breezy lives up to its title and adds enough meat to fill out all
the extra veggies. It was probably a blast for Brill to make.


Guy”, “The Royal Oui”, “Breezy”, “One Channel Show” TIM HINELY



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