Pastels/Tenniscoats – Two Sunsets

January 01, 1970



Pastels might have been one of the shining stars in the C86 scene of the late
’80s and early ’90s, but those overdriven guitars – which united the words
“noise” and “pop” in a beautiful marriage – have been relegated to the closet.
The Scottish institution (founder Stephen Pastel and longtime member Katrina
Mitchell) strums a little bit on their collaboration with Japanese duo
Tenniscoats. The foundation of many of the songs, though, comes from keyboards,
with electric piano and celeste both featured prominently.


songs on Two Sunsets came together
when Saya (vocals) and Taakashi Ueno (guitar) of the Tenniscoats traveled to
the Scotland
and both parties decided to book some studio time and see what would happen. As
is often the case with these pairings, the group laid down some basic riffs and
built songs around them. Saya sang in her native tongue (or some impenetrable
English), Stephen in his, with the twain meeting in one song (“Song for a
Friend”). At their best, the results recapture the Pastels’ golden days (“About
You”) and come up with some mutant lounge style that incorporates clarinet
(“Vivid Youth”). Most of the time, things get repetitive and there is
frequently not a whole lot to sustain the drowsy groove other than chirpy
vocals or droning keyboards, both of which can bottom out with repeated


Standout Tracks: “Vivid
Youth,” “About You” MIKE



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