PASSENGER – Whispers

Album: Whispers

Artist: Passenger

Label: Nettwerk

Release Date: June 10, 2014

Passengers 6-10


Although having nothing to do with the Swedish heavy metal band of the same name, this Passenger — the nom de plume of British singer/songwriter Michael Rosenberg — shares the fact that on this side of the Great Pond, they’re all but unknown.

That’s a shame, especially considering the fact that their last album, 2012’s All the Little Lights, sufficient kudos to suggest an eminent breakout. That failed to transpire, but happily, a new label association and the gentle folk finesse that permeates their latest effort may bring the anticipated rewards. Rightfully so; while Rosenberg’s oddly twee vocals can be a bit disconcerting, especially on initial encounter, the sprightly sounds of “27” and “Coins in a Fountain,” along with the gentle glide of “Rolling Stone” and “Heart’s On Fire” offer a quirkish appeal.

Ultimately, Whispers suggests a kind of sublime sensibility, sentiments that will hopefully encourage all potential fellow travelers to quickly get on board.

DOWNLOAD: “27,” “Rolling Stone,” “Heart’s On Fire”

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