Parties – Coast Garde

January 01, 1970

(Rainbow Quartz)


The Parties are a sharp San
Francisco-based outfit that are a living, breathing, flashback to the Paisley
Underground’s jangle-pop sound of mid-‘80s L.A., the Three O’Clock and Rain
Parade in particular. The Parties aren’t all just sunshiney-flower pop resonant
with the aforementioned references, but bust out into the outer-orbit of other
bands emulating ‘60s popsters. Where they really shine is on some strikingly
original numbers, like “Leavin’ The Light On,” a tune that can’t really be
pigeon-holed as sounding like someone else. 



“Annie” is a delightful Zombies
soundalike that absolutely nails their music. “Autumn Girl” floats into the
ethereal realm of The Beachwood Sparks and The Parson Redheads with the
addition of a pedal steel guitar. (I’m a huge sucker for anything with a pedal
steel in it.) “When The Weekend’s Over” is also a standout, with its obvious
theme that echoes just about everyone’s sentiment; it’s easy to think of quite
a few songs that celebrate the weekend finally arriving, but none lamenting the
fact that the fun’s over and now we’re facing the mind-numbing reality Monday
will bring. There’s also a seven minute suite called “Feet Back On The
Ground/I’m Sorry/Going Away Girl” that represents Byrdsian jangle to near



Twenty-first century mop-tops
lamenting that they missed The Rain Parade * and The Three O’Clock back in the
day because they were too young then or not yet hatched, can rejoice in the
authentic embodiment Coast Garde represents, and would be astute to add it to
their Christmas stocking or as a gift to that special cantaloupe girlfriend.



DOWNLOAD: “Autumn Girl,” “When The Weekend’s Over,” “Leavin’ The Light



* Read the BLURT review of the recently remastered live Rain Parade
Beyond The Sunset, from their
Japanese tour in 1984. (Link to Amazon UK store is here for CDs and MPs,
as it doesn’t seem to be available domestically.)

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