PARTHENON HUXLEY – Thank You Bethesda

Album: Thank You Bethesda

Artist: Parthenon Huxley

Label: Nine 18 Recordings

Release Date: April 02, 2013



Parthenon Huxley has always made music that’s slightly left of center. With rare wit and a knack for crafting flawless hooks, he’s gained a reputation as a reliable power pop pundit, a musician who epitomises everything that’s so appealing about that fundamental style. Over the years he’s operated under various guises – Rick Rock, Rick Miller and P. Hux, and he’s also a participant in the latterday, post-Jeff Lynne reboot of ELO, an ensemble now known simply as “The Orchestra.”

Regardless, as Thank You Bethesda suggests, he’s never better than when he takes the spotlight under his own auspices. The razor sharp riffs that steer the title track, and the snappy ricochet rhythms that drive “Angeleno,” Huxley’s parody of Hollywood’s star-making machine, define his intents, making further embellishment largely unnecessary. Nevertheless, Parthenon is no one riff wonder; the ebullient “Beautiful,” the sprawling “Luckiest Man” and the revisit to a better known cuts from his catalogue, “Buddha, Buddha,” affirm the fact that his upbeat attitude leaves ample room for variation. Effusive to a fault, he croons these tunes with a confidence that gives each a cinematic sweep. Admittedly, Parthenon Huxley isn’t the only one operating in this crowded arena, but given his enthusiasm, other contenders seem largely inconsequential.

DOWNLOAD: “Angelino,” “Thank You Bethesda,” “Beautiful”

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