Parquet Courts 11/13/15, Denver

Dates: November 13, 2015

Location: Marquis Theatre, Denver CO


The Upshot: Parquet Courts totally get it. They make no bones about how much fun it is to do what they’re doing. And it is infectious.


Fact: Parquet Courts attract the tallest damn audience in Denver. I don’t know why. Maybe it was in their newsletter. “Attention height-enhanced Coloradans: Please come to the sold-out Parquet Courts show at the Marquis Theater. There will be pizza. More importantly, there will be a reviewer there that we would like you to surround.” It was undoubtedly the most people I had seen in the Marquis at one time. Still and yet, between the skulls of the Russian mob stand-ins encircling me, I got to see a pretty great show.

Parquet Courts are a nightmare for most current punks: their songs are good enough to appeal to a pretty wide range of people and get some serious exposure. They were Pitchfork darlings. They’re led (?) by a guy who is doing a dead-on Jack Black impersonation with his entire life. All told, they’re too perfect to be a modern punk band, stuck in the popular crowd, try as they might to hang with the losers. But what punks have always missed about their own scene is this: selling out only happens when you earn money for something you don’t want to do. Parquet Courts totally get it. They make no bones about how much fun it is to do what they’re doing. You should be jealous.

They sounded fantastic at this show in support of their new Monastic Living EP; booming and vamped and noisy and off-key. There were serious Dylan nods to be heard (“Instant Disassembly”), VU-inspired goodness (“Pretty Machines”), and Spiral Stairs noodling (“Dear Ramona”), wonderful influences all, channeled through 19 songs’ worth of what it feels like to be in your twenties today. The crowd was fully into it, too; at one point, even the russian mob guys were pogoing, and I distinctly saw a skank-to-stagedive ‘80s flashback move during “Sunbathing Animal.”

At the end of the night, I can say that I enjoyed the pizza, I didn’t get crushed by Fan-Bros, and the Parquet Courts were totally worth seeing.



No No No


Black and White

Vienna II

Always Back in Town


Instant Disassembly

Sunbathing Animal

Dear Ramona

Psycho Structures

Everyday It Starts
Pretty Machines

Master of My Craft

Borrowed Time

Yr No Stoner

What Color Is Blood

Content Nausea

Light Up Gold

You’ve Got Me Wondering Now

Uncast Shadow Of A Southern Myth

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