Papercuts – You Can Have What You Want

January 01, 1970



Like sometime tourmates and
collaborators in Grizzly Bear and Beach House, Jason Quever makes music that is
almost too pleasant to appreciate at first. Its extreme prettiness lulls you so
that it’s hard to concentrate on the details. Quever’s fourth album as
Papercuts is an even softer-focus affair than 2007’s excellent Can’t Go Back. He envelopes his languid
pop melodies in billowing  drifts of organs and eschews his last album’s
subtle guitar-based tension. Alex Scally, on loan from Beach House, is quite
possibly a factor in the shift, lending his band’s trademark gauziness to these
dream-sequence tunes.


Still, Quever has the sense to ground the hallucinatory
textures of songs like “Once  We Walked in the Sunlight” and “The Machine
Will Tell Us So” in steady drums (Graham Hill) and bass. You float on circling
patterns of organ, drift on warm tides of strings, but you are always moving
forward.  You Can Have What You Want isn’t as immediately accessible as Can’t
Go Back
— its hooks are slower, subtler and wrapped in rainbow mists of
indistinctness. However, they are there and repeat listens reveal strong,
melancholy melodies amidst the atmospherics.


Standout tracks: “You Can
Have What You Want”, “Dead Love” “Once We Walked in Sunlight” JENNIFER




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