Palma Violets + Public Access TV 5/29/15, Denver

Dates: May 29, 2015

Location: Larimer Lounge, Denver CO



So London’s Palma Violets released a superb record 180, back in 2013 and they toured …well, at least some places, anyway. They were listed to play at Denver’s Larimer Lounge back then (in 2013) but the show never happened. Then, as far as my radar is concerned , ….they vanished. I wasn’t sure if they’d had broken up or what. Then out of nowhere I see another tour date at the end of May at the Larimer and …I hear of a new record coming out. Man, were these guys in hiding or what? Needless to say, I was excited for this show (even missed Crocodiles across town).

Had not heard of heard of opener Public Access TV and but they hail from NYC and by the first song I was……cautiously curious (the lead guitarist had sunglasses on the whole set) but by song two I was reminded of the Modern Lover with some cool, chugging songs. By the end of their set they had won me and my cohorts over with their shambling, garagey style. Good job.

Palma Violets hit the stage at 11:15 and the bass player Chilli Jenson looked , I dunno, like he was on something (erm….lots of coffee?). They opened up with the searing “Rattlesnake Highway” and continued for the next hour or so to tear the Larimer stage apart with song after ragged, heartfelt song. They played most everything off of said debut and some tunes off the just-released Danger in the Club (which I cannot wait to hear). “Best of Friends’ and “Step Up for the Cool Cats” sounded especially righteous. Both Jensen and vocalist/guitarist Sam Fryer seem to have this chemistry on stage together, sorta like the one Pete Doherty and Carl Barat had in the Libertines (who they remind me of a bit). The band formed as the members felt there wasn’t enough fiery passion in music anymore and they decided to do something about it. As far a fiery passion, well, these guys have got it in spades. The set was everything I’d hoped for and more. These guys are welcome back to town anytime.

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