THE PACK A.D. – Do Not Engage

Album: Do Not Engage

Artist: Pack A.D.

Label: Nettwerk

Release Date: January 28, 2014

Pack AD 1-28


 If Green Day can transition from irreverent rockers to respectable Broadway-busking megastars, then The Pack A.D. could be looking at superstardom in their future as well. After all, they boast the same adrenalin-infused sound, a combination of melody and mayhem that thumbs its nose at civility and sensibility as they attempt to make their presence known. Whether conveyed through the steady wallop of “The Water,” the raging wail of “Battering Ram” or the slur and staccato of “Animal” and “Loser,” respectively, the band’s uncompromising stance ought to attract a devoted following from air guitar enthusiasts and angst impresarios everywhere.

 However, those who don’t consider themselves part of that elite might find the continuing drone somewhat tedious, especially since the only respite from that relentless riffing doesn’t occur until the very end, with “Needles,” providing the album with its vacant -eyed coda. If energy and enthusiasm count for anything, then The Pack A.D. comes out a step ahead. The problem is, they don’t seem to know when to pull back.

 DOWNLOAD: “The Water,” “Needles”

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