P.J. PACIFICO – Overlooking the Obvious

Artist: P.J. Pacifico

Label: Overlooking the Obvious

Release Date: November 05, 2013

PJ 11-5



 With his jubilant sound and bracing delivery, P.J. Pacifico packs potential for becoming a new pop pundit. Yet the fact that his new EP, Overlooking the Obvious, follows on the heels of several previous efforts which have largely gone unnoticed makes its title seem sadly prophetic. On “Just Like a Lover,” Pacifico sounds like he’s channeling Don McLean or the ghost of Harry Chapin, thanks to a vibrant vocal that offers all the earmarks of a mass appeal MO. So too, even within the limited constraints of a mere five song set, Pacifico manages to vary the motif, veering from the sweeping surge of “Walls” to the embracing urgency of “Bend It Till It Breaks,” a stirring duet with singer Garrison Starr.

 Both Starr and Stephen Kellogg contribute to the songwriting, as does his chief musical foil Kit Karlson, but even so it’s clear that Pacifico’s solid delivery gives Overlooking the Obvious its most defining element.

 DOWNLOAD: “Bend It Till It Breaks,” “Just Like a Lover”

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