Overnight Lows – City of Rotten Eyes

January 01, 1970





power trio from Jackson, Mississippi are led by couple Marsh and
Daphne Nabors while they are rounded out by skin slapper Paul Artigues (ex-Doe
Rotzz). Marsh and Daphne had a band called The Comas (not the North Carolina band of the same name) that
died out in the mid-90’s which is when they began the Overnight Lows. So why in
the heck did it take them so long to record their debut full-length? Lord
knows. Antigues might be the most famous of the trio, having appeared on the
Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives where he apparently impressed
host Guy Fieri with his homemade hash. But enough about food.


12  songs on City of Rotten Eyes don’t last real long but long
enough to hear some gnarled guitar, smacked drums and Marsh and Daphne howling
as if they’re the second coming of John and Exene (who are both very much
alive, by the way). On “Shut Up Looking at Me” Daphne take over the lead vocals
and tells pervy men right where to stick it while on the opening title track
you’ll hear where those Angry Samoans comparisons come in (also, think of a few
bands on the Dirtnap label, The Spits, The Briefs, etc.) and “Dirty Looks”
mixes it all up into one great delectable garage punk stew. At times the songs
seem to blend together but hey, it’s only their debut. I say give ‘em time.
 By record number two I have a feeling this bunch will be purring like a
’67 G.T.O. after a tune up.


: “City of Rotten Eyes”, “Static Scars”, “Dirty Looks”, “Shut Up
Looking at Me” TIM HINELY



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