OVERLORD – The Well-Tempered Overlord

Album: The Well-Tempered Overlord

Artist: Overlord

Label: Storm Tower

Release Date: October 14, 2016




Every few years this excellent NYC chamber pop band releases a record and every review I say the same thing. Basically about how criminally overlooked the band is and how they really deserve more fans. Well, I won’t repeat myself again especially since you get the gist of it after that last sentence, but basically, leader George Pasles and his well-kept (and well-tempered) crew (Sarah Brockett on bass, Matt Houser on drums and Tris McCall on synth….Pasles sings and plays guitar) had whipped another lovely batch of 10 sumptuous pop songs.

This stuff isn’t pretentious and stuffy though it easily could be were it not for the fact that Pasles lets it all out while the band follow his every move (Pasles also had a wicked wit). Opening cut “You’re Gonna Love This One’ has a title that’s total truth in advertising as it explodes out of the gate while “Mission to Mars” is a single (check out the video for it) and just a good. Elsewhere “It’s a Travesty” could’ve been an early Chills cut while the near-the-end, Give Up Your Dreams” swings n’ sways and is one of the best pop songs you’ll hear all year (despite its title…..though it doesn’t say give up ON your dreams, does it?). The only song that I really didn’t like on here is the almost-metal “Strange Fiction” (which is a song that you think a band named Overlord would sound like), otherwise, I’m all ears. Another gem here, just buy everything that they release. New Pornographers and Zumpano fans will definitely want to lend an ear (or should).

DOWNLOAD:  “You’re Gonna Love This One,” “Mission to Mars,” “It’s a Travesty”



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