Album: The Digital Age

Artist: Outrageous Cherry

Label: Burger

Release Date: October 07, 2014

Outrageous Cherry 10-7



Ho hum, another cool Outrageous Cherry LP. Pardon the backhanded compliment, but the band long ago perfected its sweetly sixties-soaked mix of power pop, space rock, sunshine cheese and psychedelia in all its forms, and hasn’t strayed from its set path since.

On the one hand, that makes The Digital Age, the Detroit quartet’s 13th album, a bucket of absolutely zero surprises – if you’ve heard even one OC album before, you know what this one sounds like. On the other hand, though, leader Matthew Smith seems incapable of writing a bad tune, nailing one cut after another (“[You’re a] Vortex,” “Timing Ain’t Everything,” “Priceless Thing,” “Love and Other Electrical Storms) to his paisley colored wall. The band, anchored as always by stalwart Larry Ray’s melodic guitar figures and Smith’s Mike Love-ly singing, handles everything the composer throws at them with taste and grace.

On The Digital Age, Outrageous Cherry simply continues to do what it does, and does it well.

DOWNLOAD: “Priceless Thing,” “(You’re a) Vortex,” “Timing Ain’t Everything”



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