Ought + Accordion Crimes 10/23/15, Denver CO

Dates: October 23, 2015

Location: Larimer Lounge, Denver CO



I missed Canada’s Ought the last time through town last year that some pals went to and said they really liked so I vowed to not miss it this time. The same pals told me to get there early enough to catch openers Accordion Crimes. They’re from Denver and bear more than a passing resemblance (complexion) to a few of Steve Albini’s bands, namely Big Black and Shellac (ok, maybe a touch of Rapeman too). The songs were angular in all of the right parts but growled when they needed to and vocalist Bryon was a friendly chap too, chatting up the crowd. These guys are worth showing up early for.

Though Ought hail from Canada, I’ve heard the band is made up of four Americans who are calling Montreal home. They burst upon the scene in 2011, released a few eps and released their debut LP, More Than Any Other Day last year on the Constellation label and their latest one, Sun Coming Down just recently on the same label. I heard elements of The Feelies, The Fall, Television, Pavement as well as newcomers like Parquet Courts, too.

Vocalist/guitarist Tim Beeler is tall, thin, wiry and maybe nervous, in a David Byrne kinda way (actually not even sure I’d call it nervous, maybe just quirky) while he and the band are a tight as a bull’s ass. They peeled off tunes from both records and be got to hear “The Weather Song” and “Clarity” from said debut while from the latest one we heard “Men for Miles” (opener), “Celebration’ and “Beautiful Blue Sky.” I can’t say I was blown away or anything but certainly enjoyed it and felt like they were worth leaving the house for.

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