Otis Taylor – Pentatonic Wars And Love Songs

January 01, 1970

(Telarc Records)




In the past, bluesman Otis Taylor has written about racism,
social injustice, poverty, and drug abuse, imbuing each song with dark humor
and the darker-hued, acoustic-based music that he calls “trance
blues.” With Pentatonic Wars And
Love Songs
, the uncompromising songwriter turns his creative attention to
love and romance, tragedy and loss.


As he has with eight previous albums, Taylor brings his characteristic insight and
personal experience to bear on the material here. Sung with enchanting beauty
by his daughter Cassie, “Sunday Morning” is an ethereal tale of
waiting for one’s long ago lost lover to return. British blues-rock guitarist
Gary Moore lends his talents to the horrifying tale “Lost My Guitar,”
but the interracial romance by two kids too young to have been taught
differently in “I’m Not Mysterious” is simply brilliant in its
haunting beauty. Driven by a raging circular riff, and sung with wicked charm
by Cassie Taylor, “Mama’s Best Friend” is a true story of a woman
finding love and acceptance in the arms of another woman.


An underrated and skilled multi-instrumentalist, Taylor has
never been afraid to experiment beyond blues tradition musically, and he does
so gleefully here. Still, it’s Taylor’s
uncanny ability to capture human behavior in song, warts and all, that is his artistic
trademark. With Pentatonic Wars And Love
, Taylor
has created a master work that not only perfectly captures the energy and
emotion of romance and relationships, but has also taken blues music as an art
form to a higher level altogether.


Standout Tracks: “Sunday Morning,” “I’m Not Mysterious,” “If You



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