Os Mutantes – Haih or Amortecedor

January 01, 1970





can make a mess, and more than a few musicians have done just that while
emulating Os Mutantes. The much-imitated Brazilian group, however, can still
jumble genres with improbable grace, even after a 35-year studio layoff. Their Haih or Amortecedor reclaims the
anything-goes form known as “Tropicalia”: Indian raga yields to
pop-folk crooning, boss nova mates with acid-rock and tunes that echo 1930s
big-band styles sound both authentic and fresh.


11 songs (not counting the found-sound intro and outro) were written by
singer-guitarist Sergio Dias, the original lineup’s only representative, with
help from fellow Tropicalists Tom Ze and Jorge Ben. In Portuguese and occasional
English, Dias considers such subjects as “the neuroscience of love”
and the fate of Saddam Hussein. If the meld of samba and sunshine-pop is
surprisingly smooth on tracks like “Teclar” and “O
Mensegeiro,” the album also features such hodgepodges as “2000 e
Agarrum.” But even when the Mutants are just throwing stuff at the wall,
their aim is true.


Standout Tracks: “Querida
Querida,” “Teclar” MARK JENKINS




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