Oneohtrix Point Never – Replica

January 01, 1970

(Software/Mexican Summer)


Synth wizard Daniel Lopatkin injects a sense of
rhythmic play into Replica, turning the
boundless, water-colored landscapes of last year’s Returnal, just like that, into kinetic sculptures. Early single
“Sleep Dealer” dusts synth-washed undercurrents with glittery-high keyboard
flourishes, transforming deep mystery into primary-colored child-like wonder.


There’s a dose of the otherworldly in these
evocative tracks, but laced, in all but a few cases, with recognizable bits of
ordinary life.  For instance, on the
title cut, a melancholy series of piano notes and chords grounds Lopatkin’s
musings in the physical realm, while subterranean synth surges and airy
oscillations hint at spiritual release. The heaven-and-earth aesthetic gets its
hardest workout in “Child Soldier,” a difficult mélange of clipped vocal
samples, shouts and stabs that may make you wonder if your cat fell asleep on
the pause/play button.


Yet even out of this staccato barrage, a hint of
transcendence emerges, pure rays of sensation shining through an inchoate

DOWNLOAD: “Sleep Dealer” “Replica” JENNIFER


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