One Less Reason 6/17/17, Jackson TN

Dates: June 17, 2017

Location: The Bassmnt, Jackson TN

Live at The Bassmnt, vowels optional.


Fresh off of their Rock On The Range and Rocklahoma appearances, One Less Reason returned to their roots and played a homecoming show in Jackson, Tennessee, at the Bassmnt live venue. Although lead singer Cris Brown has called Memphis home for some time now, he hails from Jackson and that’s where his first band Lap Dog was born. The band Lap Dog didn’t start out as expected as their first gig was a night club in Jackson called Spinakers that allowed them to play on the outside patio. Halfway through the band’s set the manager actually paid them one hundred dollars to stop playing and load up.

If you have heard One Less Reason in the last twelve years then you already know they have defiantly gotten better. The nine albums since forming One less Reason has had several member changes along the way, but the constant has been Cris’s vocals and writing. With a controlled soulful voice that can go from soft heart touching all the way up to screaming rock that will have you jumping in the aisle.

One Less Reason’s first radio hit was back in 2005 with the single “Favorite Color” and have had a great underground follow ever since. With the release of The Memories Uninvited in 2016 the band has scored yet another hit with “Break Me” and even toured with Sick Puppies before landing not one but two Festival spots so far this year. The current line up seems to have come together as a whole firing on all cylinders and every member has mastered their instrument with the best stage presence to date.

Cris had a surprise in store for the hometown crowd and brought out ex guitarist Jerry Bailey for a couple acoustic songs, it was a great and touching moment for those of us who have been long time fans. Another highlight of the evening for me was when OLR played the song “uneasy”. Cris announced this was the first time he had played the song live. Cris brought up Anne Cline, an up and coming artist with his record label Tattoo Millionaire Records, to sing the female part originally sang by Blair Simpson.

If you are tired of the trend of the screaming heavy metal or the rap/rock acts that start to sound like one another, I encourage you to download some of the One Less Reason albums and make rock great again.

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