Old Ceremony – Walk on Thin Air

January 01, 1970





A five-piece band that is the primary vehicle for literary
vagabond and musician Django Haskins, The Old Ceremony has quickly become an
institution in their hometown of Chapel Hill, NC. On Walk On Thin Air, the group’s third release, we find the Haskins
and crew dishing out smoky pop noir replete with crooning and choirs. It’s an
oddly familiar concoction, evoking the masters (Cohen, Costello) as well as
contemporaries (Dan Bejar, Andrew Byrd). Vibraphone, violin, Wurlizters and
whistling all are excellent accompaniment to Haskins’ ghostly tales of
anonymity (“The Disappear”), youthful exuberance (“Ready To Go”) and crumbling
worlds (“Plate Tectonic”).




Standout Tracks: “The Disappear,” “Some Difference,”  “Boy


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