Oh Land – Oh Land

January 01, 1970

(Epic Records/Outsiders)




Sounding more than a little bit Danish
(it’s the density of the stringed synths and samples, not the sweet
well-defined hooks that make it so), Oh Land is a cool exercise in the
hermetically sealed but the harmonically Heaven sent. 


Calling a song “Perfection” might’ve
been trouble for the sassy Dane dame Nanna Øland Fabricius if it wasn’t for the
fact that she and her crew pull it off ably with lush orchestration and
subterranean grooves to spare (the madrigal-like “Sun of a Gun” is a good
example) throughout this debut full length. “Break the Chain” with its obvious
sound effects and over-the-top lyrics is melodically enticing despite its dippy


Fabricius’ ensemble can’t keep up the
level of excellence imparted by “Perfection” but the entirety of Oh Land is
never less than quaint and melodically memorable.


Up” “Lean” “Helicopter” A.D. AMOROSI

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