Office of Future Plans – Office of Future Plans

January 01, 1970



When Jawbox reunited on Late Night With Jimmy
in December of 2009 to commemorate Dischord’s outstanding reissue of
their seminal third album, 1994’s For Your Own Special Sweetheart, fans
rejoiced at the prospect of the DC post-hardcore giants perhaps making a return
to active duty.


Over two years later and still no sign of anything
more than that key moment on network television at press time. But frontman J.
Robbins has unveiled a new band called Office of Future Plans whose eponymous
debut was released in late 2011. Rhythmically he is backed by his old drummer
in Channels, Darren Zenetek, while bassist Brooks Harlan hails from the
underrated Baltimore
indie rock outfit Avec. But the secret weapon of Office is cellist Gordon
Withers, whose presence within the group dynamic is as essential as Robbins’
guitar, as heard on songs like “Salamander” and “You’re Not


On the overall, the sound of this new ensemble is
definitely more accessible than anything Robbins has been involved in over
twenty-some years, albeit more in a way that recalls Ted Leo and the
Pharmacists or the Foo Fighters back when Dave Grohl had half of Sunny Day Real
Estate in the band. Yet in spite of its commercial leanings on a sonic level, Office
of Future Plans
is rife with some of the most confrontational lyrics
Robbins has penned in any of his groups, be it Jawbox, Burning Airlines or
Channels. “Fuck the antiquated dream of a quiet mind/Let minutiae burn your
eyes until you’re blind,” he spits on “Your Several Selves,” while
“FEMA Coffins” gives insight into where Robbins’ vote will be going
in 2012: “Hello cryptofascists/Hello
wailing 1 percent/Yeah, I love more the crazier you get.”


Office of Future Plans isn’t as climactic as a
Jawbox reunion album. But the combination of hardcore punk songwriting and a
pop tunesmith’s sense of melody and composition gives the latest venture for
this DC scene giant an appeal entirely unique to its branch on the family tree.


DOWNLOAD: “Your Several Selves”, “FEMA Coffins”,  “You’re Not Alone” RON HART

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