Odd Nosdam – T.I.M.E. Soundtrack

January 01, 1970




Odd Nosdam’s nasal voice and Anticon-tainted hip-hop sensibility can be a
bitter pill to swallow for some. Sure, it’s creative and unique, but sometimes
the sci-fi beat production and esoteric wordplay can be a little annoying. That
being said, his specific vision of boom-bap is what it is. Love it or leave it.



Fortunately, on this new album, a soundtrack for an Element
Skateboards film called This is My
Nosdam lets the music do the talking. His vision ranges from the
progressive beat psychedelics and guitars of “Root Bark” to the start-and-stop
crunch of the smoothed-out “Zone Coaster.” His production all the way through
is clearly the product of some deft finger control on an SP-1200, but this
recognition doesn’t detract from the pleasure, tenuous as it sometimes is.



The real test of this soundtrack will come when set to the
images of kick flips and ollies it presumably goes along with. In the meantime,
if you’re an Anticon believer, this will satisfy. If not, move along.



Standout Tracks: “Zone
Coaster,” “T.I.M.E. Out” JONAH FLICKER


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