Obits – Moody, Standard and Poor

January 01, 1970

(Sub Pop)


Ever since a now-mythologized
bootleg surfaced from their very first show together at Cake Shop in New York City in January
2008, fans have rejoiced in the long-overdue return of former Drive Like Jehu/Hot
Snakes singer/guitarist Rick Froberg as the frontman for veteran garage punk
hopefuls Obits. And for its second Sub Pop classic, the New York-based quartet
delivers a dozen short, sharp blasts of sonic exhaust that fully coalesces their
signature propulsive streetcore.


Recorded by Girls Against
Boys guitarist Eli Janney, the band further enhances its fire by punching up
the Dead Boys bomp on “No Fly List,” Link Wray’s drag strip twang on
“New August” and some sinewy Ventures-cum-Dead Kennedys proto-surf via
killer pair instrumentals “Spot the Pikey” and “I Blame Myself.”
Moody, Standard and Poo# is the sound
of a grizzled great from rock’s true underground reclaiming his rightful place
on the college radio charts once and for all.


Fly List,” “New August” RON HART

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