Nots 11/19/19, Denver

Dates: November 11, 2019

Location: Lost Lake Lounge, Denver CO

Lovely and live at the Lost Lake Lounge.


I was lucky enough to catchy this Memphis trio a few months ago on their home turf at Gonerfest (and I also saw their Denver gig a few years back at the Oriental Theatre…. that was as a four piece).

The band is still founding members Natalie Hoffmann on guitar/vocals and keyboards and Charlotte Watson on drums. At some point bassist Madison Farmer left and was replaced by Meredith Lones.

The loss of a member and with Hoffmann now handling guitar and keys doesn’t seem to have hindered the band at all, in fact they might even be better.

They describe what they do a “weird punk” and who am I to argue. The band spout aggressive bursts of guitar with Hoffmann shout-singing while that wacked keyboard is all over the place. The rhythm section is more than ably holding down the fort (ok, Watson kicks ass).

They released their third album (entitled 3, duh) a few months back so most of the set was focused on that record blasting out cuts like “Low,” “Woman Alone,” “Half Painted House” and “Surveillance Veil” to name but a few. The band played maybe 30-35 minutes and no encores (just the way I like it). The crowd completely dug it as well.

The band must live by the credo of:  Get in, knock their socks off and get out. That’s what they did.




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