Nothing But Noise – Not Bleeding Red

January 01, 1970

(Future Noise Music)


If you ever spent an Alternative Thursday
night at your local bar, you will undoubtedly agree there is nary an act as
ubiquitous with the dancier aspects of the 1990s industrial movement as Front


But in 2012, former members Daniel
Bressanutti and Dirk Bergen reinvent their approach to electronic sound under
the moniker Nothing But Noise. The reunited duo, along with longtime associate
Erwin Jardot, all  but abandon their
goth-groove leanings that made them the darlings of all the 120 Minutes babes
down at The Pyramid Club in New York City on their long-in-the-works debut LP Not
Bleeding Red
. In its place seeps in the trio’s deep love for the analog
experimentations of such acclaimed German acts as Amon Düül II, Blade
era Vangelis and Tangerine Dream. 


Recorded at Bressanutti’s studio and armed
to the teeth with a wide arsenal of rare and vintage synthesizers–including
the Moog Voyager, a Prophet8, the Juno 106 and the ever-intriguing Arp
Odyssey–NBN’s double disc set sees the group thrusting these beloved relics
even further into the 21st century than they’ve arguably gone with the likes of
such younger acts as Oneohtrix Point Never and Actress. Lengthy compositions
like “Marcel Proust” (as fitting a tribute to the French novelist as
anything on record) and “CK” literally bleed out an IV drip of
cosmic tones, analog hums and chance theory ambience like they rewired an old
circuit board to somehow run a primitive version of ProTools, while passages
like “Puzzle Cosmique” and “S2cond S7ven” finds the
serenity of Airports-era ENO in the doomscapes of Sunn 0))).


If you’ve been on the edge of your SEAT
for the return of two of industrial music’s most renowned beat makers while
perhaps taking into consideration the evolution of your own taste for electronic
music since the last Front 242 LP, Not Bleeding Red was well worth the
20 year wait.


DOWNLOAD: “CK”, “S2cond S7ven” RON HART

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