Album: World Boogie Is Coming

Artist: North Mississippi Allstars

Label: Songs of the South

Release Date: September 03, 2013



 With a catalogue of seven studio album – more than 15 releases, if you factor in EPs and live records – it’s hard not to grow weary of a band’s sound. The North Mississippi Allstars, however, have a knack for changing up their vibe with every few albums. With blues always at the core, this trio has flirted with folk, country and even snatches of hip hop and alternative rock in the past, but World Boogie is Coming finds them back at their most natural sound: swampy blues courtesy of a lifetime of R.L. Burnside records.

 Most of the songs off this one are old blues standards, reworked slightly by the band.    

Still a three-piece at its core, there are a slew of guest musicians that sit in on the record including Lightnin’ Malcolm, Alvin Youngblood Hart and Burnside’s sons Duwayne and Gary. Robert Plant, now a born-again Bluegrass musician, even lays down a mean harmonica on “JR” and “Goat Meat”.


World Boogie is Coming is bound to impress longtime followers of the group and is still accessible enough to bring in a few new listeners to the genre. But their latest, crammed with 17 tracks, will likely be a case of too much of a good thing for all but the hardcore fans.

  DOWNLOAD:  “My Babe,” “Granny Does Your Dog Bite” and “World Boogie”

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