THE NOBILITY – Ashford Castle

Album: Ashford Castle

Artist: The Nobility

Label: Self-released

Release Date: February 19, 2016


The Upshot: Catchy yet eclectic, with an extra dose of Jellyfish, ELO and the Beach Boys.


It’s pretty tough to stand out in a music scene as varied and impressive as Nashville in 2016, but somehow the fours-some that make up The Nobility has managed to do just that with their third effort, Ashford Castle. The record grabs influences as varied as Jellyfish, Harry Nilsson, ELO and The Beach Boys, and mixes them into a sound that’s as infectiously catchy as it is eclectic.

The band deals heavily in tight harmonies, strong hooks and choruses that are irresistible, all backed by pianos, drums, guitars and the occasional trumpet and violin. But rather than a cluttered sound the guys have created a vibe that would make Jeff Lynne proud.

Songs like “Rollin’ in the Aisles” and “Mrs. Judy May” have a definite ‘70s FM radio feel to them, but the band can just as easily switch gears to a much more contemporary (but still catchy) sound for a song like “On the Sly.” There are a few weak spots on the record (most notably when it sounds like they are trying too hard to write an ELO song), but those moments are fleeting and are far outweighed by a song like the earworm “Alone.”

It’s only a matter of time before people finally start namechecking The Nobility when they tick off the reasons why the Nashville scene is in its prime.

DOWNLOAD: “On the Sly,” “Alone” and “Mrs. Judy May”

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