Album: White Noise

Artist: Noah Gunderson

Label: Cooking Vinyl

Release Date: September 22, 2017


After nearly a dozen recordings released over the span of the past ten years, Noah Gunderson still remains a somewhat elusive individual. His albums and EPs have reaped numerous accolades and critical commentary, although the ability to nail him down to any one particular motif remains a daunting challenge at best. Indeed, Gunderson is one of those artists who doesn’t seem interested in bowing to expectations or committing to a particular muse. His music is intriguing, uncommon and unexpectedly alluring in every regard.

Consequently, it’s little wonder that his music has worked so well when woven into the soundtrack of two TV shows, Sons of Anarchy and Vampire Diaries. Those particular programs have always been receptive to music of a particularly melodramatic nature, but Gunderson’s hazy inclinations seem particularly well-suited to his stance.

Naturally then, his new effort White Noise follows suit, and while the title alludes to some sort of atonal upheaval, the music contained within is, at its core, unceasingly melodic. The hushed and ominous tones of such songs as “Bad Actors” and the especially expressive “Cocaine Sex & Alcohol (From a Basement in Los Angeles)” contrast mightily with the extraordinary, anthemic roar of  “Fear & Loathing” and the driving and determined “Number One Hit of the Summer (Fade Out).” Listen to those songs, and the rest of this mighty opus as well, and see if you don’t agree that White Noise is a wonderful sound to behold.

DOWNLOAD: “Cocaine Sex & Alcohol (From a Basement in Los Angeles),” “Fear & Loathing,” “Number One Hit of the Summer (Fade Out)”

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