NO JOY – Wait To Pleasure

Album: Wait To Pleasure

Artist: No Joy

Label: Mexican Summer

Release Date: April 23, 2013

No Joy


If you’re under the illusion that all shoegaze sounds the same, then this pair of Canadian girls is ready to school you.  One key is label-mate/booster/collaborator Bethany Cosentino, as they bare more than a passing resemblance to her band Best Coast. After their acclaimed debut (2010’s Ghost Blonde), this follow-up goes along with the same pattern of gorgeous songs swallowed up by waves of feedback and noise.

Sure, it’s a familiar formula for the genre, but what makes Jasamine White-Gluz and Laura Lloyd different is that they have REALLY strong tunes/hooks to back it up, even if you’re never really sure what the lyrics are saying.  And like genre pioneers My Bloody Valentine, it’s a lot easier to appreciate their lovely craftsmanship on record than at their wind-tunnel-volume shows.  Anthemic stuff abounds here but they really hit a powerful stride in the middle with the fast-paced “Lizard Kids,” the funky bottom of “Lunar Phobia” and the girl-group sweetness of “Wrack Attack.”  By now, MBV itself should be taking notes as this band does their shtick much better nowadays than the legends themselves.

DOWNLOAD: “Lizard Kids,” “Ignored Pets”

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