No Age – Losing Feeling EP

January 01, 1970

(Sub Pop)


Angeles sucks, right? Heard on
the grapevine it’s all equal parts Disney and dismay, fake tits and real
bullets, etc. Whatever, man. The west coast noise kids take all that Bret
Easton Ellis grit and eat it for breakfast, get it caught in their teeth
somewhere among the Froot Loops. No Age’s L.A. homeboys Dean and Randy never
say die, in this EP especially: they’re more shimmery, more summer, more
Similar Artists: Abe Vigoda than ever before, but then, they know a lot more
about big, grizzly, stage-invasion hooks than those guys ever did. (“You’re a
Target” is like sticking Andrew W.K. in the Large Hadron Collider till his
edges blur.)


The lo-fi ethic stands resilient with the
four tracks still featuring only drums, guitar and pedals; and even though the
slow, dreamy instrumental “Aim at the Airport” doesn’t blossom into a rock-out
like the others, it has its own weary grace. Forget the title. This is more
like the synaptic fireworks of feeling finally coming back.


“Losing Feeling,” “You’re a Target” MERYL


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