Niki and the Dove – Instinct

January 01, 1970

(Sub Pop)


Pretty much the
majority of the theater chicks I knew in college had a thing for Kate Bush. So
it should not come as a surprise that the queen of English art pop’s latest
acolytes, Sweden’s
Niki and the Dove, met while writing music for the stage.


And Instinct,
the full-length debut for the duo of singer Malin Dahlström and keyboardist
Gustaf Karlöf and the most dance-oriented thing to ever come out on the Sub Pop
label, definitely harbors all the earmarks of a pair who’ve undoubtedly
channeled the many Sunday mornings with both The Kick Inside and Stephen
Sondheim on the hi-fi to inform their distinct brand of “fairytale
pop”. Most of the material on Instinct was plucked from Niki and
the Dove’s small cache of material released since they formed in 2010,
including their debut single for “DJ, Ease My Mind,” their first Sub Pop
7-inch “The Fox” and their seven-song EP The Drummer. However,
for this LP, Karlöf and Dahlström have revamped their music to give it a
heavy coating of club floor sheen comparable to the likes of fellow Swedes
Robyn and Royksopp. But, strangely enough, the unlikely fusion of Niki’s Hounds
of Love
hounding and Eurotrash booty rattling proves to be a winning
formula thanks to the intimidable strength of the couple’s strong proclivity
for penning great pop songs like “Mother Protect” and “Under the


With Instinct,
Niki and the Dove have made an album that will surely resonate with the
American crowds already grooving to the likes of Hot Chip, Passion Pit and Twin
Shadow while providing Sub Pop with a whole new planet of sound to colonize.


DOWNLOAD: “DJ, Ease My Mind,” “The Fox,” “Under the
Bridges” RON HART


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